Year 7 visit Jodrell Bank!

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4th May 2023

On Thursday 4th May 2023, year 7 students ventured through space and caught a glimpse of the wonders of our universe through the scientific work taking place at local observatory, Jodrell Bank. 

Immediately greeted by the imposing structure of Jodrell Bank's Lovell Telescope, staff and students were given free reign to explore the heritage site, taking in the many interesting facts scattered throughout the grounds and interacting with inventions linked to scientific discovery, from whispering dishes to infrared cameras.  

Students were engrossed in the presentations given by knowledgeable staff at Jodrell Bank, learning about the array of visible and non-visible light that allow us to see beyond the parameters of our own planet and explore outer space. Sitting in the darkness of the planetarium style dome, year 7 learned about the consolations that are used to guide astronomers and sped through space for a close up view of Jupiter, as well as black holes and the many many many many stars out there. 

A day packed with discovery, jaw dropping demonstrations and a journey through the story of the observatory, which has been at the forefront of ground breaking discoveries and world -leading research for over 75 years, Year 7's visit to Jodrell Bank was a fantastic opportunity for students to immerse themselves in the wonder of the universe and bring their classroom learning to life.