Run, Alex. Run!

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3rd May 2023

On Wednesday 3rd May 2023, Friends of The Macclesfield Academy member Alex took on the phenomenal challenge of running for an entire school day, all to raise funds for the benefit of our school and students! 


Arriving with a box filled with plenty of fuel and water and glad for the dry forecast ahead, Alex started his run to the sound of the first school bell at 08:40am. Looking fresh and boosted with nervous energy (permissible), he started out of the gates with a smile and a wave - a gruelling 6 and a half hours ahead of him. 

As a self confessed lover of running, Alex volunteered to take on this challenge as part of the fundraising efforts made in recent months by our fantastic and pro-active PTA, The Friends of The Macclesfield Academy. Having said this, alongside the desire to generate additional funds that will feed into school improvements for our students, Alex shared his hope of getting students involved in the run itself and providing an opportunity for them to test themselves and embrace a sense of achievement. 

Therefore, throughout the day, Mr Worstencroft, Miss Jerome and the rest of the PE team ensured that their PE lessons incorporated a lap of the 1 mile circular course. On regular intervals, Alex was joined by students from all year groups, as they trailed behind him through the school grounds. A tally was kept to record the number of students that took part in the run, which reached over 100 students! As PE lessons ensued, students didn't miss an opportunity to cheer on our "running man" as Mr Worstencroft recalled, 

"One of our boys was ready to do his javelin throw when he saw Alex turn the corner. He immediately put his javelin down so that he could applaud Alex coming by, before promptly retaking his position for his throw. It was fantastic!"

As the school day progressed, the miles covered by Alex continued to climb and his prediction of achieving between 35 and 42 miles became more and more likely. Joined by his daughter and her friend for the final afternoon stretch, both of whom smashed it with over an hour of running and 6+ miles covered, Alex finished his ultra marathon to the cheers of staff and students, as the final school bell rang at 3:15pm. 

As a community, we could not be prouder of Alex who blew us away with his determination and stamina and thank him for his astounding efforts to support our school and our students.

Thank you also to those who made donations and submitted guesses as to how far Alex would run. The money raised reached over £100 and we now have his official distance of 62,233 metres (38.67 miles)! Prize winners will be announced on Tuesday 9th May!  

Closing words from Alex, 

I just hope that there are students who have surprised themselves in running further than they thought they could. That's an achievement that's worthwhile!"