Flagship Year Group Say Farewell

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15th Jun 2023

Today, Thursday 15th June 2023, The Macclesfield Academy's class of '23 gathered together in the main hall to celebrate reaching the end of their five years of secondary education. 


With only one more day to go of GCSE exams, Year 11 students came together to sign shirts and reminisce, with heartfelt messages of good luck stained in bright colours on their white tops. Teachers soon filed in too and shared their own well wishes, a room echoing with kind words and smiles. 

Soon enough, the students were asked to take a seat as photos appeared on the big screen and One Direction's 'History' played in the background. Mr Galvin gave a speech on his pride in seeing our Year 11 cohort reach the end of their time here, after the challenges faced in their education in recent years, and a "well done!" before handing the mic over to their Year group leader, Mrs Mathers, and form tutors. 

Each member of staff shared their own experiences of having known and taught our students, with laughs shared, poems read and even a song sung by the very talented Miss Hall. In each speech, the fact that every student has been 'known and valued' during their time at The Macclesfield Academy was undoubtable and the words shared a testament to the bonds that have been formed between staff and students. 

As students look ahead to a long summer and await their GCSE results, before continuing their journey, whatever that may be, all at The Macclesfield Academy wish them well and look forward to hearing all about their successes as they remain a part of the school community and join our alumni

Congratulations Year 11 - You did it!