Results Day Success for the Class of 2023!

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24th Aug 2023

A huge well done to our Class of 2023 GCSE students who have earned a fantastic set of results.

It’s perhaps easy to forget that this year group were impacted significantly by the pandemic and went on to complete a great deal of extra work to catch up with their studies. Through after school sessions, holiday school and hours of dedication they have a set of results to make them and their parents very proud.

Mr Galvin, Headteacher of The Macclesfield Academy said “We talk about our students putting ‘learning above all’ to achieve academic excellence and this is exactly what our pupils have done. We worked as a team, staff colleagues and students, to maximise grades and give students aspirational choices for Post 16 and beyond. We are incredibly proud of what they have achieved.”

Mr Galvin also made mention of the work completed in partnership with parents to support the children through the stresses and strains of the exam period. “It’s working together; parents, learners and school, that we can make great things happen. Thank you to all our families who went above and beyond for their child.”

In the theme of partnerships, Mr Galvin went on to comment on the excellent work completed by our student’s Primary Schools. He said “the results our students achieved today are a result of more than eleven years of hard work, by a huge number of professionals, both teaching and non-teaching colleagues at Primary schools and The Macclesfield Academy. We know that strong links between schools mean students get better results and yet again we have seen how strong our professional relationships are with local Primary schools”.