A Successful Start to the Enthuse Partnership Project!

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20th Sep 2023

Head of Science at The Macclesfield Academy, Mrs Ainsworth, along with our the wider science team are working collaboratively with science leaders from our partner primary schools to improve the transition their subject between key stages. Primary science leaders in attendance included: Mr Herd (Ivy Bank), Ms Pilkington (Park Royal), Ms Roberts (Wincle), Ms Massey (Hollinhey) and Ms Veale (Ash Grove). 

This is an exciting opportunity for the group, which has won an Enthuse Partnership Bursary to support this 2 year project, supported by Sarah Dagnell and Louise Herbert from the STEM learning centre. 

Having come together to start the project on Wednesday 20th September 2023, Mrs Ainsworth commented that "the day was a huge success" as the team focussed on mapping out the way that Science changes and develops through each Key stage, starting from KS1 all the way through to KS4. 

They looked at the progression in substantive knowledge, language, modelling, practical work and disciplinary knowledge, with the aim of forging next steps on how to improve. There were some huge wins, highlighting in particular the vast amount of work already completed by all members of the team, which meant that substantive knowledge and language stood out as key strengths. 

Close links between the schools were already established with former Macclesfield Academy science teacher, Mrs Shaw, and have now been embraced by team members Miss Clarke and Miss Mullins, once again demonstrating that the collaborative project between the schools is already on the right path. Wednesday's gathering came to a close with all parties coming away with some key objectives to work on as a group and some excellent CPD tasks for individual schools to complete. 

Thank you to Sarah and Louise for planning and leading the session that allowed the team of Science leaders to baseline their work and plan next steps. Also, a special thank you is extended to Mrs Salt and the catering team for providing fantastic refreshments throughout the day.