Year 11 Students see 'An Inspector Calls' on stage!

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13th Jan 2023

On Friday 13th January 2023, the whole of Year 11 attended a matinee performance of 'An Inspector Calls' at the Lowry Theatre in Salford. 

A classic "who dunnit?" - this is a story filled with secrets, suspense and suspicion and it was a fantastic opportunity for students to see the text that they have studied in their English lessons, come to life on stage. 

Once the curtain lifted, waves of gasps and cheers rushed through the theatre, interrupted by moments of silent suspense as the audience were gripped by the intense questioning and reluctant revelations. Students were able to immerse themselves in the context of a theatre production and consider the significance of stage directions and setting, which portray an intended atmosphere beyond the words spoken. 

The rumble of applause as the play came to a close was a great representation of the enjoyment had by staff and students, before they embarked on the journey back to school. 

The trip, organised by the English Department, was a hit and certainly created a buzz for Year 11 students in their continued learning.