The Macclesfield Academy Celebrate World Book Day 2023!

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2nd Mar 2023

This year's celebration of 'World Book Day' at The Macclesfield Academy has been a joyful accumulation of activities, focused on generating enthusiasm for 'reading for pleasure' and presenting our students with choice. 

Characters from our favourite stories strolled the halls today, with classrooms overrun with colourful costumes as staff and students took inspiration from their chosen book to don their disguise. 

Meanwhile, the upstairs library was transformed into a swap shop, where all were invited to exchange a book already read, for a new story of their choosing! Hoards of students attended the whole school book swap, with the many donated books on tables dwindling down as the day went on. One student stated:

"I was hooked on this one, just from the reading the blurb!"

Also, not to miss a chance for a treasure hunt, Mr Dethick presented students with a range of clues, leading them to find staff members in costume and identify their characters:

This character had her paws in the honey jar - again! Which teacher and which character?

Which department are (political) partying like it's 1984 - and who is the author of their novel?

These were just two of the many clues to solve. 

Finally, during PD time, students were handed a 'Reading habit tracker' to take home and complete as they set themselves a reading challenge and record how regularly they can keep it up - until it becomes a habit! 

Reading habit tracker