A Waterstones visit in the name of 'Reading for Pleasure'!

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10th Mar 2023

On Friday 10th March 2023, students from the Macclesfield Academy were delighted to visit our local Waterstones store in Macclesfield town centre and come away with a book of their choice - all in the name of "reading for pleasure"!

Greeted at the front desk by Bookshop Manager, Dean, students were guided to the teen and young adult section of the store and popular reads were highlighted to them for a stir of inspiration.

As each student shared their interests and perused the shelves, staff helpfully made suggestions of books that may be of interest. It was a brilliant opportunity for our students to engage with their local bookstore and discuss a range of texts based on the things that they enjoy most. 

While some students followed their passion for football and chose non-fiction books on Manchester City and an autobiography by Alex Ferguson, others delved into their intrigue in murder mystery and martial arts, finding their perfect read in titles such as 'This Lie Will Kill You' and 'Haikyu!'. It was wonderful to watch our young people share their chosen books with each other, two choosing the same story that they could read as a duo and discuss over time. 

Once everyone was happy with their choice, the books were taken to the counter to be purchased and it was great to find that staff had thoughtfully put together packs for our students to take with them, adding their books to bags that already contained a poster and other small tokens. 

As a reading school that promotes the idea of 'reading for pleasure', our visit to Waterstones was made all the more worthwhile as English teacher, Mrs Fallon, shared her interaction with the group on their return:

"as soon as the students arrived back to school, they came rushing down to my classroom to show me what they'd chosen. They were thrilled!"

A huge thank you to Macclesfield Waterstones and Bookshop Manager, Dean, for welcoming our students and sharing their knowledge, to guide and inspire our students as readers!